Pay-Per-Click is one of the best advertising avenue's in the current market place. It's a way to generate traffic to your websites in a fashion that is direct to the client's interest, specific in add content, full modify-able, full automated and completely track-able. Let alone the fact that it's one of the only advertising avenue's in the industry that you ONLY get charged when someone visits your site.

What's the catch? Simply stated it's expensive to maintain this program (not including the budget). Some companies charge up to $500.00 per month (plus about a $1,000.00 setup) to just maintain the program! Throw in a decent sized budget and your talking close to $1,000 per month without your website hosting or other tools.

There is a way around this charge; Run it yourself. The problem is that the learning curve is sensibly large and consistent maintenance of the program is required. In our experience when an agent runs Pay-Per-Click marketing for themselves (for the most part) they are way overcharged due to the lack of experience in the modification and creation of the account.

So what do we talk about Pay-Per-Click at all if it's not financially affordable to maintain or requires taking on a lot of work? WebAgentSolutions is unique that we actually create and maintain Pay-Per-Click accounts for our clients for at a maximum of $20 per month! Now you have the ability to have professionals design and maintain your Pay-Per-Click for pennies on the dollar, and utilize whatever budget you see fit for the advertising! WebAgentSolutions makes no income from your budget.

To find out more information about this exciting program simply contact us directly at (215) 996-1390 Ext. 305. Have your questions ready!











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