The question always comes up... What's the best way to get an MLS Search on my website? The real answer to that question is "It's based upon what your needs are..."

Generally speaking there are two typical types of formats you can have the MLS added to your site, both of which are provided by your local MLS.

1. IDX Frame-able Link
This solution is the most common and cost effective solution in the industry offered by MLS's currently. Basically it's a link that your local MLS provides to you as an agent, which you will provide to us, and we will frame in upon a client submitting the MLS inquiry form. When the client completes the form it will redirect them to the link that your local MLS has provided you.

IDX Frame-able Link Advantages

IDX Frame-able Link Disadvantages
* Cost Effective * No MLS Tracking Capabilities
* Easy Setup Process * No Client Email Alert Setup
  * Client Searches On MLS' Site (not your site)
  * Listings Need To Be Added Manually
  * Not Teaser List Capable

2. Integrated IDX Data (Raw Data/RETS)
The second solution is MUCH more favorable for the client upon filling in a form. Your local MLS will (likely) provide the actual data to you as an agent either in FTP or RETS format. Attaining this data will allow us to integrate the data seamlessly with the websites. This offers a lot of additional functionality, although your local MLS can charge for the release of this data.

Integrated IDX Advantages

IDX Frame-able Link Disadvantages
* Client MLS Tracking * Possible Additional Cost From Local MLS
* Client Email Alert Setup * Some Boards are not Cooperative
* Client Searches On Your Site  
* Listings Added Automatically  
* Teaser List Capable  

WebAgentSolutions accommodates for both styles of getting the MLS on your site. We will walk you through the process of doing so. For more information simply fill out the form below or contact us for more information at (215) 996-1390 Ext. 305. Have your questions ready!

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